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🌟 NEW CUSTOMER OFFER! 🌟 🔹 Use Code: NEWCHEFINTOWN at Checkout 🔹 Get 5% Off EVERYTHING! 🔹 Minimum Purchase: $200🔹


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DARK ECUADOR 65% reveals an initial acidity that is immediately followed by notes of tropical and candied fruits. It is a powerful chocolate with a long lasting finish. We use “Panela” a traditional organic unrefined sugar produced by local sugar cane farmers near Quito. Its rich flavour complements the final nutty aromas of the chocolate. To make this chocolate we have also added extra cacao butter, ensuring that it is suitable for enrobing or hand dipping as well as for molding


Cocoa liquor (cocoa mass) from Ecuador, sugar, cocoa butter, whole sugar cane (panela), emulsifier (soy lecithin), natural vanilla extract. This product may contain traces of nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, pistachio, pecan nuts), peanut, gluten, sesame, milk and egg proteins. This product is made in an installation that uses milk.

DARK ECUADOR 65% is an exquisite dark chocolate bar made from premium cacao beans sourced in Ecuador. Crafted with precision, this bar contains 65% cacao, offering a smooth chocolate flavor with subtle notes of nuttiness and a hint of spice. Suitable for all dark chocolate lovers.

Experience the unique flavor of DARK ECUADOR 65% , a single origin chocolate bar made with pure, non-alkalized cocoa beans. Carefully crafted using traditional methods, each bar is made with 65% cocoa for a subtle, yet rich flavor. Enjoy the intense earthy notes and subtle hint of fruit.

This DARK ECUADOR 65% bar is crafted with carefully selected cacao beans from the coastal region of Ecuador. Its deep and complex cocoa flavor combined with subtle fruitiness makes it perfect for all types of chocolate connoisseurs. Enjoy the distinctive crunch of this bar's 65% cocoa content for an indulgent and satisfying experience.

Experience true flavor complexity with DARK ECUADOR 65% an exquisite chocolate sourced from the finest cocoa beans in Ecuador and blended with premium ingredients. With a balanced cocoa flavor profile, it has 65% cocoa content, offering a delightful bittersweet taste with an intense, aromatic finish.