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Daniel and Andrew started Texas Salt Co. a few months before the pandemic hit in March of 2020. Their passion has always been about creating things and opportunities; these two just have so much respect for individual creativity.  For the past 10 years Andrew and Daniel have always handmade or handcrafted Christmas gifts for family and friends. These guys have made all sorts of personal gifts each year including leather candles, wine, terrariums, soaps and even carved wooden candle holders; again, creativity has always prevailed.  Prior to the pandemic in October of 2019 and after many different ideas they decided to make smoked salts for Christmas gifts. 

Daniel and Andrew usually start crafting and making gifts during the summer months so that they’re ready by Christmas.  That year they made two salts; a simple mesquite and the renowned award-winning signature 'Cowboy Salt’, which now has been trademarked for its excellence and uniqueness.  After gifting the salts and over the coming months they received a plethora of compliments on the flavor and aroma; of course, everyone had questions as to the method, which they bravely reserved for themselves. It was then that Andrew and Daniel knew that their product had huge potential. 

Over the next year they perfected their methods, recipes and brand.  The company launched its array of smoked salts in late 2021. Since their launch they have added several lines of salts including one-of-a-kind smoked pepper infused salts, cocktail salts and their smoked cracked peppercorn!

  Having sourced, sampled, smoked and infused the best finishing salts from around the world there is surely something that will fancy your pallet.  

They will be opening their first store-front very soon at 206 Main St. in Bandera, Texas. Just in time for the Christmas Season.

That folks is how Texas Salt Co. was born.

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