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  • Cake bands are plastic strips that are used to create perfectly level cake layers
  • Made of food-grade plastic that is safe for use with food
  • Wrap around the outside of the cake pan to create a barrier that keeps the cake batter level as it bakes
  • Help prevent the cake from doming in the middle or unevenly rising, resulting in a cake that is easier to decorate and frost
  • Can be used with any type of cake batter and in any size or shape of cake pan
  • Easy to use, with a simple wrap-around application and adjustable to fit any size cake pan
  • Reusable and easy to clean, simply rinse with soap and water after each use
  • Can also be used for creating layered desserts, such as mousses or gelatin desserts, by layering the ingredients and chilling between each layer
  • A must-have tool for any home baker or professional pastry chef looking to create beautiful, even cakes.


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