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Mini Gherkin Pickles | 24 oz | Shams

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ShopGalil’s Mini Gherkin Pickles are a nutritious snack with a little kick of flavor that’s bound to bring some joy to your tastebuds. These pickled cucumbers come in either original or spicy recipes and are available in either 24 oz. or 46.3 oz. sizing options. While many people enjoy the crunchy texture and complimentary flavors that pickled vegetables specifically have, they seldom realize the dietary benefits and diverse ways you can use them in all sorts of culinary creations. Below, we’ll discuss the reasons you should add these zesty treats to your shopping list.

Mini Gherkin Pickle Health Benefits

Most people don’t realize it, but these crisp pickles actually have positive benefits for your health. Thankfully, mini pickles are low in both calories and fats, meaning that adding them to your diet won’t create very much unwanted intake, even while snacking. The pickling process doesn’t include any added sugars, but probiotics form during the fermentation stages, and additives like coriander, dill, and garlic all help make this a great food for gut health.

Usage and Pairings for Mini Gherkin Pickles

There are some fairly common ways most people consume pickles, which include as a standalone snack, on sandwiches, or chopped and condensed into a relish. The tangy flavor profile of Gherkin pickles packs a small punch with every bite, so jazzing up cold cuts or a standard hot dog or bratwurst adds excitement. 

The crisp pickles can also be added to other less traditional dishes to make them pop a bit more. Think dicing your mini pickles finely to throw on top of a salad or add them as a side item on your cheese platter. They’re also a fan-favorite to add to tuna or chicken salad, which makes the mixtures more bold, and they’ve recently become a novelty to sprinkle on tacos. Occasionally, you’ll even see people garnish cocktails like Bloody Marys with Gherkins.

Dietary Considerations

For people who have strict dietary restrictions, there’s good news — ShopGalil’s Mini Gherkin Pickles are consumable for all diets! Whether you’re vegetarian or vegan, Kosher or Halal, or even gluten-free, these pickles are compliant with your respective requirements. This versatile qualification makes the Gherkin an incredibly popular ingredient in a variety of cuisines around the world, usually providing health benefits instead of any sort of complications.

Quality and Sourcing

The Gherkin pickle is a special type, which is usually smaller and more ridged than the typical cucumber. Because the mini pickles are brined for an elongated time in the vinegar, water, and spices, the proportions of each substance must be exactly right, and they must age for just the right amount of time to ensure they’re not too soft or mushy.

These Gherkins are sold in single jars from the company Shams. You can order them online from the comfort of your home or elect for a recurring shipment, which will save you an extra 5% on each future purchase. With two sizing options, you can always ensure you have an adequate amount of pickles on hand for your cooking needs. 

Recipes and Serving Ideas

One of the simplest ways to offer your guests Gherkin pickles to compliment their meals is by serving them with burgers or sandwiches, enjoyable either on the handheld or on the side. Some other fun concoctions can be homemade relish or dips, which utilize these tangy and textured vegetables to provide both texture and zing. Mix with cream cheese and dill for a savory dip that can be eaten with standard potato chips, or craft a nice relish by crafting the chopped Gherkins with onions, spice, and vinegar.

Some more adventurous dishes you can prepare if you’re entertaining are small pickle and cheese wraps, which can be added and rolled into a tortilla or even styled as a flatbread. Just line your breaded base with cream cheese, top them, and serve! ShopGalil’s Mini Gherkin Pickles can also be indulged in if you’re willing to fry them, resulting in an even crispier and more delectable snack that’s perfect for game days, parties, or holiday gatherings. Not only do they invite younger people or those who think they don’t like pickles to experience the diverse flavor profile, but they also show the ways in which you can use them in so many of your own creations.

If you’re looking for quality-sourced pickles with maximum flavor available at an affordable price, ShopGalil’s Mini Gherkin Pickles are just what you’re looking for. Enjoy two sizing options, as well as the “spicy” flavoring if you’re looking for an extra.

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