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VAN LEER Dark Wafer Snaps Plus

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UNIT | PACK | WEIGHT: CASE | 1/30 LB | 30.0000
  • Introducing VAN LEER Dark Wafer Snaps Plus, the epitome of baking chocolate that combines exquisite taste with unparalleled baking performance. Crafted for those who demand perfection, these dark chocolate wafers boast a fluidity rating of 3 out of 5 drops, making them exceptionally versatile for a range of dessert applications. With a cocoa fat content of 55%, they offer a rich, smooth melt and a balanced chocolate flavor that enhances any recipe.

Ideal for creating decadent chocolate layers, intricate garnishes, or sumptuous fillings, VAN LEER's Dark Wafer Snaps provide a robust foundation for your culinary creations. Their precise blend of cocoa butter ensures a silky texture and optimal shine, whether tempered for snap or melted into velvety smoothness.

  • Fluidity: 3-drop rating, perfect for medium thickness coatings, molding, and piping.
  • Fat Content: 55% cocoa butter, delivering a luxurious mouthfeel and excellent binding properties.
  • Taste Profile: Deep, rich cocoa flavors with subtle hints of vanilla, designed to elevate cakes, mousses, and confections.
  • Application: From elegant dessert finishing to rich chocolate fillings, their consistent quality and melting behavior make them a top choice for professionals.

Elevate your baking and dessert repertoire with VAN LEER Dark Wafer Snaps Plus. Experience the perfect balance of taste, texture, and functionality in every bite. Ideal for pastry chefs who seek to impress with both flavor and presentation.


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