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  • Whole Jamaican Allspiceis a fragrant, flavorful seasoning used in many dishes.
  • Made from freshly picked, whole allspice berries that have been hand-picked and sun-dried in Jamaica.
  • Perfect for adding an exotic spicy kick to meals like curries, stews or marinades.
  • Rich in vitamins A and C as well as minerals such as potassium and magnesium.
  • Great for making flavorful teas and infusions with a distinct Caribbean twist.
  • Delicious on meats, fish, vegetables or starches like rice or potatoes.
  • Naturally preservative free so you can enjoy the freshness without worry.
  • Shelf stable so you can keep it on hand at all times without worrying about spoilage.
  • Perfect for adding an authentic Caribbean flavor to your favorite recipes.


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