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🌟 NEW CUSTOMER OFFER! 🌟 🔹 Use Code: NEWCHEFINTOWN at Checkout 🔹 Get 5% Off EVERYTHING! 🔹 Minimum Purchase: $200🔹


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Discover the first ever Single Origin white chocolate from Ecuador. All of our ingredients are sourced locally in Ecuador. Our cacao and pure cane sugar are grown on the coastal plains next to the Pacific Ocean. Our milk is produced by small milking communities in the foothills of the Cayambe Volcano near Quito, which provides a unique, natural, sweet and creamy milk.

1/22 LB

Sugar from Ecuador, cocoa butter from Ecuador, whole milk powder from Ecuador, emulsifier (soy lecithin), natural vanilla extract. This product may contain traces of nuts (almonds, halzenuts, pistachio, pecan nuts), peanut, gluten, sesame, milk and egg proteins.

Experience the smooth, milky flavor of ECUADOR WHITE 31% cocoa butter. Packed with natural vanilla flavor, this creamy, mouth-watering white chocolate is perfect for baking, cooking, or just enjoying. Make every dessert extraordinary with ECUADOR WHITE 31%

ECUADOR WHITE 31% is a creamy white chocolate crafted with cocoa beans from the coastal region of Ecuador, resulting in a rich flavor profile of toasted nut and mild tropical fruit notes. A perfect blend of cocoa butter and highest quality ingredients, this bar offers 31% cocoa content for a mellow sweetness.

ECUADOR WHITE 31% is a high-quality white chocolate crafted from the finest cocoa beans of Ecuador. This chocolate bar is made with 31% cocoa butter for a smooth, creamy flavor and a velvety texture. ECUADOR WHITE 31% is perfect for baking, melting, and sweetening recipes.

Experience the unique taste of ECUADOR WHITE 31% : a premium white chocolate made with pure Ecuadorian cocoa and real milk, delivering a well-balanced and creamy flavor with subtle notes of sweetness.