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🌟 NEW CUSTOMER OFFER! 🌟 🔹 Use Code: NEWCHEFINTOWN at Checkout 🔹 Get 5% Off EVERYTHING! 🔹 Minimum Purchase: $200🔹


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A crunchy cereal filling coated with Caramélia 36%, a delicious milk chocolate from Valrhona, with a distinct caramel flavor and subtle savory aromas and notes of biscuit.

VALRHONA CARAMELIA PEARLS are made with 36% cocoa content and contain real chunks of caramel for an intense and indulgent taste experience. These pearls are perfect for adding to cakes or desserts, or for snacking on for a sweet and creamy treat.

VALRHONA CARAMELIA PEARLS are radiant 32% cocoa milk chocolate gems filled with a delicious, creamy caramel. Perfect for baking, decorating, and snacking, these pearls offer a delightful taste experience and a luxurious look.

VALRHONA CARAMELIA PEARLS are an exquisite combination of creamy caramel and crunchy hazelnut pieces, encased in an intense milk chocolate shell. Enjoy the complex flavor profile of this velvety-smooth chocolate treat.

Experience delicious chocolate with VALRHONA CARAMELIA PEARLS – a blend of Valrhona’s classic Caramelia chocolate with select cocoa beans. Perfect for baking and confectionary making, these pearls create a smooth texture and delightful flavor. Enjoy the luxurious taste of their high-quality milk chocolate.

VALRHONA CARAMELIA PEARLS are a culinary delight made with the finest ingredients - a blend of superior cocoa butter, sugar, and milk, topped with crunchy nibs. Enjoy the unique, smooth taste of caramel infused with the unmistakable flavor of VALRHONA chocolate.

VALRHONA CARAMELIA PEARLS provide a rich caramel flavor in every bite. Made with the highest quality single origin cocoa beans, these pearls have a smooth, melt-in-your-mouth texture that will elevate your dessert creations. They are the perfect addition to any recipe that needs a sweet and luxurious finish.